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Modern Dance

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Why modern dance?

A. Lorraine Crittendon was first introduced to modern dance in a public school dance class. It sparked an interest in the modern dance aesthetic. Modern dance allows a certain amount of freedom for creative exploration.

Modern dance provided a platform for L.Critt to explore new movement vocabulary to translate her experiences into dance. Modern dance is also a new level challenge that allowed her to grow in her technique quickly and keeps leaving her with a desire to know more.

L.Critt went on to take this training and establish her own dance company, Crittique Cultural Collective. She currently choreographs original works with the assistance of MufukaWorks Dance Co. 


Modern Dance Training

A. Lorraine Crittendon did not receive any techhnical dance training before attending the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. Once there, she receive four full years of modern dance training from alumni dancers of the Limon Dance Foundation and the Martha Graham Dance Company. 

L.Critt continues to train in the Limon/Horton dance aesthetic at the African contemporary dance company, MufukWorks Dance Co.


Future Plans

After the establishment of Crittique Cultural Collective, A.Lorraine will begin hosting public dance classes in the Fall of 2019. C3 will be looking to add the first professional dancers to the dance company and begin performing for local Charlotte showcases.

Until then, L.Critt will continue to establish her own unique modern dance style to create a motif specific to C3. Additional training under the guide of founder/director of MufukWorks Dance Co. and traveling to New York to complete an intensive program at the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater. 

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