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Brazilian Samba No Pe

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Future Plans

A. Lorraine Crittendon takes Samba seriously and would not attempt to benefit from a culture that is not of her own. In respect to the Brazilian culture, L.Critt will return to Los Angeles, California for the annual Samba Congress to receive training with professional Samba dancers from Brazil.

Later, she'll travel to Brazil for the challenge of achieving the 'Passita' title from a nationally recognized Samba dance school. In addition, she will achieve her dream of being in the traditional Carnaval parade in Rio de Janiero. 


Why dance Samba?

A. Lorraine has always had appreciation for diversity and culture. When she began studying the Latin dance styles, a teammate of hers suggested she try a new style. 

Samba is challenging both mentally and physically. It places a high price for whomever attempts its fast stepping, high energy technique. L.Critt bonded with the style based on its history, language, music, and the body positivity that surrounds the culture.


Samba Training

A. Lorraine Crittendon began dancing Samba in 2017 with a local Brazilian dance company. The company director was a Sao Paolo, Brazilian native who introduced L.Critt to the rich heritage of Samba dancing. 

Now, L.Critt trains professionally with NC Brazilian Arts Project, based in Charlotte, North Carolina. The director continues to train her in the Brazilian arts and will travel with the director to Brazil in 2020.

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