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Latin Dance

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Latin Dance Training

After A.Lorraine took her first college level Latin dance course, she began social dancing. This introduced her to the improvisational aspects of Latin dance and encouraged her to take additional classes. 

She began her training with RW Latin Dance Company under the tutelage of Wendy and Rodrigo. Later, A.Lorraine auditioned and joined their company as a Semi-Professional Latin dancer. This gave her the performance experience necessary for the Latin dance scene.

After a break from performing Latin dance, she focused on teaching. Now, she performs and trains with Rumbao Latin Dance Company. Jenny Geyer and Eduardo Diaz continue to push A.Lorraine to perform with proper form, aesthetic, and quality that gives Salsa and ChaChaCha its signature style.


Future Plans

Now, she teaches open level Latin dance classes through the Charlotte Ballet CULTURE BLOCKS presented by the NC Arts and Science Council.


She also teaches Latin dance classes for children through Charlotte Ballet REACH PROGRAM.

A.Lorraine wishes to continue her training and to one day perform on the stage again to showcase her talent and passion for the Latin dance arts.

Out of respect for the Latin culture, She does not desire to represent the Latin community nor speak on its behalf. She's simply an ally to the Latin(x) people and wishes to participate in their culture as a guest with all due respect.


Why Latin Dance?

A. Lorraine was first introduced to Latin dance through her friends and neighbors as a child. She was inspired to start an early Spanish Language program in her school system. This lead to a life long passion for the Latin Arts.

When it came time to start her college career, A.Lorraine first chose to major in Spanish Education as a means to fulfill her desire to complete her Spanish Language education. However, her larger passion for dance ultimately became the priority and she got her degree in Dance.

This did not stop A.Lorraine from perusing her love of the culture and she took her first Latin dance class. Here, she met her college professors who encouraged introduced her to the basics of styling, partnering, and basic steps of Salsa, Bachata, and Merengue.

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