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About LCritt

A. Lorraine Crittendon,

A. Lorraine Crittendon born in Indianapolis, Indiana and grew up between there and Louisville, Kentucky. Lorraine has lived many places over the years but eventually settled in Charlotte, North Carolina in 2008 while she attended the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. 

In 2012, she graduated from UNCC with her Bachelors of Arts in Dance and began her education career at a public charter school. There, she was able to take on her family name, Critt, as Ms. Crittendon was too difficult for many to say. Soon, she'd be able to explore the dance community within Charlotte by joining a local African contemporary dance company in 2014.

It wouldn't be until 2016 when she got the chance to teach middle and high school dance at a different charter school. Here, she flourished and shared her love of dance with the under privileged youth of Charlotte.

While teaching full time, she is an active Dance Professional training and teaching in three dance companies. A.Lorraine actively performs within the Charlotte community and is hoping to branch out to different areas.

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