LCritt & Co.

LCritt and Co. is a cultural collective made up of independent dance artists and dance professionals who use their dance experience to contribute to a choreography in exchange for having access to performers for their own future dance adventures.


LCritt aims to bring dancers and choreographers together who are looking to be involved in a community of cultural creators. 


This is a NO-CONTRACT company and you have complete choice over what pieces you're inspired to participate in.


LCritt & Co. respects and promotes each member's missions, goals, and unique dance aspirations

LCritt & Co. at RW Bac
LCritt & Co. at Loose Leaves Fest. 2019

Meet LCritt & Co.

Marble Surface


Thank you for your interest in LCritt & Co.

Auditions are an ongoing process in which you are to attend any of the regular Open Air classes.  

Our team is excited to welcome new members to our cultural collective.

We are looking for energetic and dedicated independent dance artists who are looking for a community of like minded dance professionals.

Should this appeal to you, please follow the link below to RSVP to our open air auditions:

DATE: Saturday, October 24th, 2020

TIME: 10:00AM- 11:15AM

LOCATION: UNCC Campus//Alumni Pavillion

Danielle Houston

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Charles Niko

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